Dr. Sumayah Al-Solaiman is CEO of the Architecture and Design Commission at the Ministry of Culture. Prior to joining the Ministry, Dr. ِAl-Solaiman was Dean of the College of Design at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University in Dammam, where she held several other positions prior to her appointment as Dean. Those positions include Vice Dean for Quality and Development, Director of the Office of Patents & Technology Transfer, and Chair of the Graphic Design and Multimedia Department. She also served on the Municipal Council of the Dammam Metropolitan Area. Dr. Al-Solaiman received her PhD in Architecture from the University of Newcastle in the UK and holds a master's in Architecture and a bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture from King Faisal University. In addition to this, Dr. Al-Solaiman has executive degrees in management, leadership, strategy and innovation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US where she was also the recipient of the Ibn Khaldun Postdoctoral Fellowship. Dr. Al-Solaiman has represented Saudi Arabia as part of official delegations and has presented her research at several local and international conferences. In 2018, she served as the co-curator for the Saudi National Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. She recently published an Arabic book of articles titled "Ala Khad Alkawn". Dr. Al-Solaiman speaks three language fluently: Arabic, German and English.


Welcome to the Architecture and Design Commission.

The Kingdom is witnessing a cultural renaissance in several creative fields which is being supported by the Ministry of Culture. The architecture and design sector, in particular, is an essential social and cultural artform that embodies the visual identity of any city or country.

The Architecture and Design Commission’s remit spans several subsectors, including architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, interior design, industrial design, and graphic design. Compared to other cultural arts, architecture sits at the fore as the most visible art of any nation. We are striving to create a harmonious environment that encourages cooperation between all the cultural and creative sectors to successfully realize the Ministry of Culture’s cultural vision.

At the Architecture and Design Commission, we are seeking to achieve more than just a visual identity. We aim to build and structure our cities in a way that positively impacts lives by addressing environmental issues that are often exacerbated by urban expansion, population growth, climate change, and topography. Thus, we aim to open new doors by advancing the sector and empowering distinguished talents to improve the quality of life for all citizens and position the Kingdom as a leader on the global creative scene.

I am honored to be part of this Commission, and I look forward to working with the Kingdom’s architects and designers towards advancing our country and humanity.

Dr. Sumayah Sulaiman Al-Solaiman
CEO, Architecture and Design Commission