About the Commission

The Architecture and Design Commission was established in February 2020 as one of 11 commissions under the Ministry of Culture. One of the Commission’s key objectives is to regulate the sector, including supporting and encouraging practitioners, organizing exhibitions and seminars, and stimulating creative thinking in the sector. The sub-sectors represented under the Commission include architecture, urban design and planning, and landscape architecture, as well as various design fields such as interior design, graphic design, and industrial design. Our role at the Commission is to achieve the goals of the Ministry of Culture and Vision 2030, and contribute to the national economy, through creating programs and initiatives to support Saudi architects and designers and enrich our national identity. The Commission also seeks to establish national companies and encourage investment in the field. This will contribute to creating job opportunities for qualified Saudis and enhancing cooperation between the public and private sectors.


The Commission has set six strategic objectives that include the criteria against which impact will be measured:

  1. Sector Development

    Integrate and regulate the Architecture and Design ecosystem and create a vibrant and healthy dialogue to facilitate collaboration across the value chain.

  2. GDP Contribution

    Support the diversification of Saudi Arabia's economy by growing the creative industries. This will enable the Architecture and Design sector to become a major contributor to GDP and to the realization of Vision 2030.

  3. Talent

    Educate future professionals to gain a stronger voice within the sector, improve design skills, and align their talents with evolving needs of the profession. Provide Architecture and Design professionals with the best opportunities and resources to thrive both domestically and internationally.

  4. Global Recognition

    Build a regional Architecture and Design powerhouse, drawing international attention to the quality of Saudi designers' achievements in the sector.

  5. Sustainability

    Position Saudi Arabia as the regional environmental sustainability leader in Architecture and Design.

  6. Community of Innovation

    Foster and promote innovation and research to shape the future of the sector, collaborating with the most brilliant minds while celebrating Saudi heritage.

Commission’s roles

The Architecture and Design Commission aims to regulate and develop the Architecture and Design sector in Saudi Arabia, advance its components, and support and encourage practitioners to achieve their goals. The Commission’s roles and responsibilities include:


These tasks have been summarized under three primary services:

  1. Orchestrate and Regulate

    The Commission aims to regulate and manage the Architecture and Design sector, define and supervise the national strategy, and facilitate cooperation between the sector’s various components. It will also ensure that practical standards of organization and implementation are ensured, oversee standards for academic programs, and support cooperation between the professional and educational industries.

  2. Support and Advise

    The Commission aims to support and advise the architecture and design sector through services dedicated to empowering practitioners. In addition to providing cultural assets, data, and significant support programs in terms of education and development. 

  3. Promote and Advocate

    The Commission aims to promote and endorse the Architecture and Design sector in Saudi Arabia both globally and locally, dealing with media coverage, presenting awards, managing local and international events, and developing content.