The Architecture and Design Commission was established in February 2020.

The Architecture and Design Commission aims to develop the architectural arts and advance its components. The Commission is also concerned with building an architectural future that reflects our rich architectural culture while keeping pace with the progress and modernity of this art through building a new strategy for the sector to develop it, and propose projects that stimulate its outputs, as well as financing and encouraging individuals, and investing in areas related to the sector. Among its responsibilities, the Commission licenses activities related to the field and develops the sector's outputs through conducting training courses, adopting professional training programs, building sector-related educational programs, and providing scholarships. It is further interested in working with relevant authorities to support and protect intellectual property rights in related fields, in addition to establishing and organizing conferences and exhibitions, local and international events and competitions, establishing a special database, and representing the Kingdom in international forums, commissions, and conferences.

We promote excellence in the architecture and design sector, to reflect our culture and ambitions, and to empower local talents in order to improve the practice of our communities while being at the forefront of the global creative scene.

Dr. Sumayah Al-Solaiman is the CEO of the Architecture and Design Commission.

1. Sector Development: Integrate and regulate the Architecture and Design sector and create a vibrant and healthy dialogue facilitating collaboration across the value chain.

2. GDP Contribution: Support the diversification of Saudi Arabia’s economy by growing the creative industries sector. The architecture and design sector should become a major contributor to GDP and to the realization of Vision 2030.

3. Talent Development: Educate future professionals to find their voice, improve design skills and align their talents with the evolving needs of the profession. The talent program will also provide opportunities and resources to thrive in the local and global market.

4. Global Recognition: Build a regional architecture and design offering that will draw international attention and recognition to Saudi designers and their creative achievements in architecture and design.

5. Sustainability: Position Saudi Arabia as a regional leader in environmental sustainability in architecture and design.

6. Innovation & Research: Promote innovation and research that will shape the future of the sector in collaboration with the most brilliant minds and anchored in Saudi’s history.