Commission Initiatives

To achieve the objectives set out in the Commission’s strategy, six strategic programs were identified:

A&D Sector Regulation

A program focused on the development of a clear and comprehensive set of regulations and guidelines for the architecture and design sector.

  • Architecture and Design Policy Development.
  • Architecture and Design Academic Development.
A&D Sector Development

A program focused on stimulating sector development and enabling industry practitioners to create a greater impact on communities and society as a whole.

  • King Salman Charter for Architecture and Urbanism.
  • “Designed in Saudi”.
  • Architecture and Design Sector Professional Associations.
  • Architecture and Design Sustainability Task Force and Summit.
  • Cultural Assets Enrichment.
  • Center for Arabic Typography.
A&D Education & Career

A program dedicated to supporting local practitioners on their end-to-end professional journey from education through to career progression.

  • Youth Architecture and Design Creativity Development.
  • Internship and Advisory Programs. Continuous Professional Development.
  • Educational Enrichment Programs. Architecture and Design Incubator and Accelerator.
  • National Architecture and Design Platform Add-ons.
  • Najdi Architecture Academy.
A&D Content Development

A program focused on the consolidation, creation and promotion of new cultural content about architecture and design in the Kingdom.

  • Architecture and Design Research Strategy.
  • National Center for Documentation of Architecture and Design.
  • Architectural Tourism.
  • Documenting Saudi Regional Identities.
  • Encyclopedia of Architecture and Design.
  • Audiovisual Content Development.
  • Architecture and Design Museum.
  • Design Magazine of Saudi Arabia.
A&D Engage

A program focused on developing an vibrant calendar of architecture and design events and awards, directed both at the national and international public.

  • Architecture and Design Competition and Awards.
  • Design for Good.
  • Design Days.
  • Architecture and Design DESIGNathon.
ADC Activation

A program focused on the activation of the Commission, centered around communication and internal initiatives to enhance the operating model.

  • ADC Operating Model Ramp-Up.
  • ADC Communication Strategy.
  • ADC Market Research.
  • Strategic Partnerships Activation.
  • Architecture and Design Practitioner and Firm Registration.